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Visa-free entry to Uzbekistan

A visa-free entry regime has been introduced in Uzbekistan for Russian citizens. For 60 days, a visa-free regime is extended for such states as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan.

Among non-CIS countries, since February 10, 2018, Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Japan have had a visa-free regime with Uzbekistan. It is valid for trips up to 30 days.

Despite the visa-free regime, citizens of Russia and other above-mentioned countries, when entering Uzbekistan, according to the customs rules of the country, must present a number of documents:

foreign, service or diplomatic passport, valid for at least 3 more months from the date of entry into Uzbekistan. The document must not have external defects;
for children under 14 years old traveling with their parents - the presence of an entry in the passport of one of the parents with a pasted-in color photo. In the case when the child travels with only one of the parents, a notarized permission to leave from the other parent is required;
children over 14 years old need their own foreign passport;
minors traveling unaccompanied by their parents must present their own passport and a notarized travel permit from both parents.
Russians cannot cross the borders of Uzbekistan with an internal passport and other identity documents, except for a passport.

Visa entry and "visa support"

According to the laws of Uzbekistan, a number of visas are available for foreigners entering for diplomatic, business, work and tourist purposes. In addition, there are transit visas for those traveling through the territory of Uzbekistan to a third country.

For citizens of the CIS countries, if necessary, a long stay in Uzbekistan will also require a visa. Its category is also determined by the purpose of the trip.

You can get a national visa of Uzbekistan at the consulates of the country, having a document called "visa support". It is an official permission to obtain a visa and is issued by the inviting party, which can be citizens of Uzbekistan or organizations whose activities are carried out on Uzbek territory. Such organizations, for example, can be licensed travel companies licensed by the National Company "Uzbektourism".

To receive "visa support", a tourist must provide a copy or scan of a passport, a completed application form with personal data, a copy of the booked round trip tickets and hotel reservation, insurance policy, a certificate from the place of work, two recent passport photos.

The official application for obtaining an Uzbek tourist visa can be found on the website: This form is accepted in all embassies and consulates of Uzbekistan.

"Visa support" will also be needed for those who go to work - the basis will be confirmation from the employer, and for study - students will need an invitation from the university, etc. If a foreigner travels on a tourist voucher, then the tour operator is in charge of obtaining "visa support".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan considers an application for "visa support" within seven working days (for a transit visa - up to four working days). The decision made in writing is brought to the attention of the inviting person or travel agency.

Visa to Uzbekistan upon arrival

If there is no consulate of Uzbekistan on the territory of a country, its citizens can obtain an Uzbek visa upon arrival at the Tashkent airport, where the only consular bureau in the country that works with such tourists is located.

To obtain a visa upon arrival, a foreigner must present to the customs officer a document on "visa support" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan (stamp of the visa issuance department). Recall that some airlines require "visa support" already at the stage of buying a ticket to Tashkent by a tourist.