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Sharp continental, hot and dry. The average temperature in winter (January) ranges from -8 C to +3 C, in mountainous regions it can drop to -16 C. In summer (July) the temperature in the northern regions of the country is + 26-32 C, while in the south (Termez and Sherabad) reaches + 41-42 C.

Precipitation falls about 80 mm per year in the desert flat regions of the northern part of the country, up to 200-300 mm - in the western regions, and up to 1000 mm - in the mountains. At the same time, the relative humidity of the air is low all year round (60-65%) almost everywhere, and the maximum precipitation occurs in the autumn-winter period. In mountainous areas, a significant amount of snow falls in winter, which can stay on the slopes until April-May, and some peaks are covered with it all year round.